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Erosion & Sediment Control, Stormwater Management, Compliance Inspections, Phase II Consultations, Wetland Services, Invasive Species Control, Vegetation Establishment, Streambank Stabilization , Living Walls, Porous/Green Paving , Rooftop Gardens, Custom Material Placement, Custom Landscapes


Our pneumatic blower trucks vary in size to serve the many needs of our clients. Their production can exceed 50 cubic yards per hour of certain materials, and deliver them over 800 feet. The EB-60 also has dry and liquid injection systems to incorporate seed, fertilizer, pre-emergent, tackifier or even colorants into our blends. We have the best equipment available to serve your needs.

If you choose, instead of placement, we also provide bulk deliveries of the products listed below.

  Express Blower    EB60

       Materials delivered or Installed:

  • Pine Bark Mulch

  • Hemlock Bark Mulch

  • Wood Chips Playground Safety Surface

  • Rubber Mulch or Rubber Crumb

  • Colored Wood Chips (Any Color!)

  • Nutri-Mulch (Nutrient and Microbe Enhanced)

  • Animal Bedding/Wood Shavings

    Custom Blends:

  • Aggregates (Stone)

  • Compost

  • Wetland soils

  • Lightweight rooftop garden soils



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