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Our trained and licensed invasive species experts have been working in the field for over 30 years. In those years they have developed time proven strategies to control invasive species whether in sensitive wetland resource areas or a residentil property. They understand the importance of flexible programs to deal with invasive species to meet the needs and budget of each customer, Through mechanical, biological and chemical means their goal is to eradicate the problem species while being sensitive customers concerns and respecting the property they are working on and adjacent areas.
   Our expertise also allows us to train the customer on practices that will help to keep the invasive species from returning and developing a strategy to allow native or chosen species to flourish.  

Poison Ivy / Rhus Radicans

Why are invasives bad?
  • Reduces aesthetic interest and property values
  • Reducing biodiversity
  • Altering hydrologic conditions
  • Altering soil characteristics
  • Altering fire intensity and frequency
  • Interfering with natural succession
  • Competing for pollinators
  • Poisoning or repelling native insects
  • Displacing rare plant species
  • Increasing predation on nesting birds
  • Serving as reservoirs of plant pathogens
  • Replacing complex communities with single species monocultures
  • Diluting the genetic composition of native species through hybridization

Multiflora Rose / Rosa Multiflora


Japanese Knotweed / Polygonum cuspidatum


Control Methods Practiced:
Mechanical Removal
Chemical Treatments
Stem injection
Biological Treatment
Native Revegetation
Site Manipulation

Common Invasive Plants in New England Include:

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The invasive species services we offer require us to see your site and assess your needs in order to quote a price.

Please call us at (413) 256-0870 for a free quote or for more details.


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