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Porous paving is a stormwater management tool which allows the safe passage and parking of vehicles on a property without creating non permeable areas, decreasing area runoff and increasing groundwater recharge.


   Attractive as it is useful, porous paving can be done with a variety of materials to meet your exact needs. A green alternative to an asphalt jungle.


Applications Include:

  • Overflow Parking

  • Fire lanes

  • Event Parking

  • Driveways

  • Employee Parking

  • Utility Access

  • On-street Parking

  • Pedestrian Access

  • Handicap Parking

  • Emergency Access

  • Infiltration Basins


Benefits of the porous paving:
  • Typically Lower Cost
  • Pervious Load Bearing Surface
  • Stormwater Pollution Filtration and Treatment
  • Airborne Dust Capture and Retention
  • Heat Energy Reflection Reduction, “Cool” Surface
  • Tree Growth within Parking Areas
  • Low Maintenance

Contact us and we will come out to assess your site, discuss your goals and provide you with a design and quote to meet your particular needs.


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