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Using Filtrexx Edge-saver technology NES can stabilize, regrade and vegetate stream banks using the only technology on the market which stabilizes and vegetates stream banks all in one step.

   The Filtrexx growing medium used is made from recycled organic materials and completely inert of seed and can guarantee you no invasive weed invasions. Our supplemental injection technology also allows us to inject seed blends of our choice, such as natives or wildflowers, directly into the sock during installation for successful revegetation and quicker restabilization of degraded or failing stream banks.

   We also leave a very small footprint behind as the pneumatic installation of the Filtrexx Edgesaver products can be done remotely from several hundred feet away, protecting sensitive resource areas from further invasion. 4251_-_Rural_Supply_-_New_Zealand_After.jpg




The stream bank stabilization services we offer require us to visit your site and discuss your specific needs before we can quote a price.

Please call us at (413) 256-0870 for a free estimate.



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