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Picture this: You're laying in your hammock, feeling the soft breeze gently caressing your skin, soaking up the sounds of the birds chirping or the trickling of a nearby waterfall. Now rest your eyes on the surrounding beauty:  An abundant array of colors and textures. You breathe in the intoxicating aroma of an adjacent flower and suddenly...life is good.

It is easy to forget how healing nature's beauty can be to our spirit. In this fast-paced world we live in, it is increasingly important to literally stop and smell the flowers. It helps us to remain balanced and focused. At Taylor Davis Landscape Company, we would like to help you create an oasis where you can do just that.

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Landscape design and plantings


Goshen stone wall, patios and garden

Goshen stone wall, patios and garden II


Granite wall and birch tree walkway

An Oasis Amid Fall Color


A Mix of Fall Colors and Textures

Brick Walk with Perennials


Bed Prep

1999 Flower Show at
UMASS Mullins Center 


1999 Flower Show at UMASS Mullins Center




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