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At Taylor Davis Landscape Company we have the design and installation know-how to craft high quality timber construction which can complement your home. A straight retaining wall can evolve into a terraced landscape, which can add value and beauty while still providing support and structure to hilly areas or plant beds. If you must install a retaining wall, why not make it as attractive as possible. Terracing can be accomplished with a minimum of additional cost to the wall itself and the end result provides the perfect place to display your favorite plants.

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Timber Steps and Terrace with Submerged Drainage


Parking area timber retaining wall and fence

Timber playground installation


Tiered timber retaining wall and steps

Retaining Wall with New Driveway


Timber Staircase with Brick Inlay

Terrace Wall, Steps and Patio Border 1


Terrace Wall, Steps and Patio Border 2

Terraced Retaining Wall Excavation Prep


Terraced Retaining Wall and Steps

Terraced Retaining Wall, Walk and Steps


Brick Walk with Timber Border and Steps 1

Brick Walk with Timber Border and Steps 1



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